Great batsmen are all, very short
Wonder, the reason, my taller friend
The bat is short, forces you to bend
It ain't the effort that lets you down

It ain't just, to make them bend
Bent backs don't, last that long
Take off the limit, on the length,
Of the thing, they hold in there hand


In the jungle, there lives a cat
Eates good flesh, never a rat
Sleeps through the day, hunts in the night
When I saw I said "Oh my God! what a sight"

Nine lives its got, people they tell
An idea I found, hard to sell
Until one day, when I saw it hunt
Nine is too little, for what it has learnt


Nothing is straight, in my mind
Full of curves, coils, spirals of all kind
Every morning, with tea in my cup
I wonder how would I, straighten them up

There was a force, that had them curved
Ate my strength, nothing it served
One day I realised, this is second life I live
So there's nothing to loose, and its time to beleive


He saw an animal, very large
There wasn't a place, where he couldn't barge
Roamed in the jungle, with no fear
"Ah, think I, call it a bear"

He saw an animal, that moved so slow
Opened its mouth, and a horn would blow
He saw his son taking milk, and just said"wow!"
"Ah, think I, call her a cow"

He saw an animal, up in the sky
Sat him thinking, how could it fly
This animal, always wanted to be heard
"Ah, think I, call it a bird"

He saw a bird, with a voice so sweet
Went to the work, didn't mind any heat
Started singing, while it was still so dark
"Ah, think I, call it a lark"


Birds, my dear birds, you taught us humans how to fly
To sleep on the wings, Is now what we have to try
All our dreams, that take us far and wide
Are made of wings, held on your side

You gave us the urge, and some of the clues
Then came the surge, took away the blues
On the wooden raft, we set for the sail
You are the one, we love to hail


Some of the worlds, have forgotten the times
When there was a monster, who aided the crimes
Minds were plenty, where it could nourish
All it needed, was the order to perish

To survive in chaos, is what some mothers teach
To live with ideas, is just out of reach
Every morning, the sun it brings
Images of destruction, left in the wings

Sudden invasion, is hard to bear
For any society, no matter how near
Its like our body, when it gets sick
Invasion is the culprit, that does the trick


This is a world you have to see
Walk the mountains on the lee
See the nector on the bee
Out of the bed in the wee

Places are many
Like mountains of tanny
Ask you nanny
To be with granny

Put on your lace
Don't get in the race
See that vase
Follow the base

Ride the wheel
Smell the teel
Don't make a deal
That makes you kneel


In his prime
He had no time
Counted his dime
In a rhyme

He lived in swell
Anywhere he dwell
People could smell
Anyone could tell

Time it changed
People they ranged
Whatever he spawned
Someone had pawned

He took that cent
Felt little bent
All that was lent
Just could pay the rent

Treat me well
He made a yell
And then he fell
In the hell

A country...

It was a country, highly enclosed
Only the sun, found it exposed
Surrounded by the seas, and mountains high
Few could enter, and leave a sign

In this way, it developed for years
Unaware of the world, around with fears
The sun it shone, with all its might
Bred the life, everywhere in sight

One day they found, a route with the sea
Entered a few, who felt kingsize
The rhythm of life, struck them stark
They came back and, sang like lark

Our Body..

I saw it then, I see it now
Our body is as old, as the universe around
It might have started, in whatever form
lies embedded, deep in our bone

I rode the smoke, I rode the wind
Higher it took, lower it seemed
I opened my eyes, and looked around
Was surprized to find, no one in town

Search the land, search the space
All is there, is voidness unbound
If its there, as it has to be
Its nowhere, but in the center of your skin gown

Horse Power of a City..

I loved the old unit of measuring power, the Horse Power. It left so much for the imagination!! But now with the mega watts and kilo watts. Hardly anything comes to my imagination!!

What would be a good index to measure the power of a city?

Certainly Horse power!!

So if all the power consumption of the city is converted into horse power!! Meaning all the power of electricity consumption, machines, vehicles etc. What numbers will we get??

I would say enough horses to cover the city with 10-15 floors of horses!!!!!!!!!!! All of it!! Every inch of it!!

My holy Goodness!!!!!!!!! God save us!!!

Two dudes talking..

Dude no 1 - Hey dude, why don't you wait?
Dude no 2 - What, you want me to become a waiter?

A autumn day

Day was nice, and the breeze was good
In the morning, when I took my food
Took my jacket, and went for the street
To hear the sounds, that drag my feet

The autumn is here, with its colours bright
Don't step on the leaves, as they shine with light
There it goes, on its aquiring spree
All it wants, is to let them free