Quite an amazing story....

Yesterday I came across a very maddening and interesting story at the same time. Its about how to get taller. About what some people will do to get taller.

This is how it works.

Both the bones of the legs are cut and moved away from each other. So a gap is created between the bones as shown in the diagram above. Now the bones are held in this position for 6-7 months. During this time the bones fill the gap in between with the growth of fresh bones. Like what happens in fracture. So in the end you have a longer leg bone!! Hence taller!!

What it takes?

It takes absolute maddness to undergo something like this. For the first 6-7 months the person is bedridden. In the next stage which can last another 6 months. Is when the person starts walking with support. In the third stage the person walks slowly but without support. This lasts for 1 year.

So in the end it takes about 2 years before the person is completely recuperated and gets back to his normal walking routine. The result he/she's 3-5 inches taller then before!!

For now, this happens only in China!!

Almost Everything..

Everything that goes up, has to come down
Everything that goes in, has to come out
Everything that goes around , has to come back

History of the word "Woman".

What did one of the first Englishman said when he saw a naked woman??

Wow!! Man!!

Then as it happens. Lot of things fall apart and some join together with time!! So one of the "W" got dropped and the word got joined. That's how we have our "Woman"!!

Or maybe the women didn't hear clear enough and thought he said "woman".

Or maybe the women saw a dirty hairy animal muttering unknown sounds, she just put them together!!

Wonder, why July and August have 31 days??

Julius(Italian,Julio-Spanish) was a great king. Everyone was very happy with his reign. The roman church decided to honour the king. So the month of July was named after him and Julius felt very happy!!

Years passed. Came another great king Augustus(Italian,Agosto-Spanish). Again the people felt very happy with his reign. The roman church again decided to honour the great king. So they decided to name the month of August after him!! Augustus left very happy.

Few days later Augustus came back to the Roman church very unhappy!! He complained that to Julio you have given 31 days. Whereas I have only 30 days!! Howcome?? Was he greater then me??

After long days and hours of pleading Agosto could not be budged!! He couldn't be convinced for october or some other month. He wanted that month next to July!!So the Roman church decided to give him 31 days!!

Poor Feburary, whoever he was named after was dead long ago. He could not come to protect his right. So a day was taken from Feburary and given to Augustus!!

And rightfully the practice was stopped by Roman Church after these encounters with the kings!!

Bringing it all together

Question - A family has two children and these two children move away 10kms from the family and start there own family and there children are again 2 and do the same and the cycle is continued. In how much time will they have covered this planet? In how much time will there population be same as the human population of today?

How much kilometers should the children move away, so that the years it take to cover and the years it takes to reach the current population match?

Answer - Anyone!!??

Bridging the Gap.

A stable matter after some time of stability develops unstability out of internal friction. This causes it to shoot two particles. One is positively charged or the powerful and the other is negatively charged or the weak.

In other words both are freed to do what they like!!

This is how works our society!!

Darwin could only see the powerful!! He overlooked the weaker!!

Women Driver...

You are driving behind a car. Soon you are about to enter a zone where some works are going on. Near a speed sign the car in front abrubptly drops down in speed....... A woman is driving that car!!

You are driving behind a car on a two-way road. Whenever a vehicle crosses the car in front from the opposite direction. The car moves slightly to the right.....A woman is driving that car!!!

Traffic Couples..

Ideal Traffic Couple - The man who feels the road and the women who reads the signs.

Second Best Combination - The women who feels the road and the man who reads the signs.

Disaster Traffic Couple - Both feel the road or both read the signs.

Watch your back..

Fingernail marks on the back are very dangerous..watch out!! All you cheaters out there!!

The Curves..

The curves of the Stock Market are very treacherous, like the curves of the women.

Where are my roots?

Had a nice weekend. Spent some good quality time. Sitting on the sofa, on terrace, playing with my son, taking walks with my wife and thinking about the week to come. This week is my last at my current workplace. Another job change!!

These jobs I wonder sometimes!! Is there one where I can fit!! I find it so difficult to stick to one place for more then 9 months. In last 3 years I have changed 7 jobs!! Incredible isn't it!! Or to give a bigger picture, in last 8 years, I have changed 12 jobs!! And the urge to change keeps on increasing and the duration of stay at one place keeps reducing.

Maybe its related to my past. The motion I picked beacuse of constant movement. If I think in the past and try to recall. One things that strikes out above all is, that I never stayed in one place for more then 4 years. 4 years is my limit!! That means being 31 years now I have lived in 15 different houses since my birth. Which is quite high by any standards. No one can live in so many places. After a few changes one starts living in the mind!! Which seems to be my case.

This urge to encounter new people new surroundings is what keeps me going on. This constant search for change is my path. I sometimes wonder at the trees, the big ones. That grows 50 meters or more. How can they grow so big? And the secret is not above but in the ground! Its the roots. Its the web of deep roots sprawled all around underneath. And then I try to fumble through my roots. I find none! What happended to my roots, which piece of land has it? Not surprized I am. Beacuse I know. They were never allowed to grow.

So rootless as I am, I take to the wing! Flying is my destiny!!