God is god, until you read from left to right, the day you also start reading from right to left it becomes dog!!

Was it fire or the smoke?

We all know one of the biggest discovery of the humankind is the FIRE! From there onwards its conceived, started the evolution of the intelligence. We've attributed a lot to the fire for the humankind!

Which makes me think! Was it fire or the SMOKE! It was also the discovery of the smoke! I wonder why no one paid any attention to this fact.

I know what you will think! Until and unless you are aware of the wisdom that brings, the smoke!

Anyway what about all the smoke inhaled by our ancestors sleeping in the caves with fire at the entrance! See my point!!

Fucking with Science

We all know, everything that goes up has to come down. Untill an unless its thrown with the escape velocity. Which in the case of earth is 11.2km/sec.

Now lets try to see the big picture. At the time of big bang, what happened. The blast caused everything to be thrown in the space, at what speed? This is the big question that comes to my mind! If it was not thrown at speed more then the escape velocity. Its gonna come back! Yes, the universe will begin to collapse in the future! The gravity at the centre of the universe, will pull it back.

So, happy expanding! And pray things were thrown into space at escape velocity!

I recommend - Universe in a nutshell, Stephen Hawking


............/....// .......^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Paco - Hey Sancho!! What are you doing?
Sancho - Finding chinks in his armour!!

Paco - How do you do that?
Sancho - Look! clunk..clunk..clunk..clunk..chink! See found one!

Paco - My goodnesss! This guy has got lot of clunks in his armour!!


Handle locks, no good!!


I liked this image for some reason! Can't figure out why!!


The strength to lead is not in the mind, It's in the legs.


There is a valley in the east of spain
Where the clouds hang out, pouring rain
The valley is wiide and has a gentle slope
A fantastic place to have a dope


The problems of some world
Is too many people they hold
In the past they were told
How it was counted as gold

The day it dawns
The serpant starts his fawns
Its time to play pawns
And end it with yawns

Is it the heat or the sun
Forces the loins to burn
Nobody is thinking of the turn
Or take the path of the nun

The time calls for the need
Nothing wrong with the deed
For the rubber will impede
And provide you with the lead

Bowlers Era

Being a bowler in cricket myself. It's saddening to see them, reduced to nothing in the game of cricket. Now with high scoring matches becoming a common practice in the game. Bowlers are reduced to mere puppets, manipulated by the batsmen. I think It's time that bowlers applied there mind to the game, apart from just the strength. There are a few things they can try -

1) To bring more variation in the bowling. Now the big question is how? Now apart from the standard variation we already have, there is one more that the bowlers can start working on. Which I mastered to some extent with great success in my playing days. That is mastering 3-4 different bowling actions! Any bowler who has played a lot of cricket, I know will surely agree with me. If I tell him, that different actions aid different types of swing bowling. If you want to bowl in-swingers, a chest on action is very good. Side on action is good for out-swingers. So if a bowler can master these 2 basic action, he can easily double his variation.

2) The other advantage that can come out of this strategy is, it can be good for the muscles. Now both these actions use different muscles of the shoulder. So it would be a good distribution of the load on more muscles instead of using a few all the time. Leading to lesser injuries and more playing time.

Common my favorites, its time to be more creative!!


Jack - Hey, Mark. What are you doing?
Mark - Well, filling white pages. Making them partially black.

There you go..

The other day I entered, into a bar
Sat next to a women whose eyes were blue
Looked into her eyes, saw the ocean and waves
Asked her permission, If I could take a swim

She looked back and wondered at the eyes that were brown
Reminded her of the desert in one of those towns
Asked me to meet her, in the place
Where the beaches are desert, and have no names

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Rain god

A man was born some time in the past, long forgotten. He had a problem, right from the day of his birth. Wherever he went, rain would pour over his head all the time , 24 hrs of the day. He grew up like this, hearing from friends and relatives stories of the sun shinning over them and all around. How wonderful was it to have the sunlight fall over your skin and the warmth the body felt under it. Wherever he went people welcomed him a lot. In dry places more then in the wetter places. Though nobody wanted too much of him all around the year. Like this he lived for a long time. One day he committed suicide thinking what he will never have!

Luckily he got a slot in the heaven after his death. He felt very pleased as rain would bother him no more. One day the God called him and asked "Why did you commit suicide?"

He explained to God his wretched existence and all about the rains following him everywhere. To which the God replied "Didn't you know I made you the rain God?"

A Goalkeeper's Quote

There is only one way to get past me, and that goes through me.


Woman - Dear, is the lawn done?
Man - Yes dear london!!


A beautiful daughter was born to a man
He said I would name her truth
The laws they said it ain't allowed
Nevermind he said I'll name her ruth