The city was built, on the banks of the river
Whose sides would burst, at the end of the summer
Few hundred meters it was wide, with a current so slow
Served the city and its inhabitants, and the water had a glow

One of its kings one night, had a dream pretty strange
He saw his dick was the longest, on the land in his range
He summoned all the architects, on that morning of the fall
Asked them to build him a tower, which would stand so tall
That his knees should give in, when he climbed it, starting from his hall

Another of its king, thought that its time to build
A palace so unique, which would make the rest of the city look bleak
He ordered his men, "find me stones that are red"
So that when the sun would set, fire it would reflect"

Now the city is crowded, and the chaos there reigns
There is dirt on the streets, and the dust in the eyes
The dogs they patrol, the city streets from dusk till dawn
There territories are marked, with the piss and the scorn

Raju he lives, in one of those chawls
Every night where he witnesses, neighbors in there brawls
One night he returns, drenched in alcohol and blood
Shouts at the peak of his voice "Enough, of this mess!"


He was the son, born to a king
Never he learnt, cause he just couldn't sing
All he ever saw, was the crown on his father's head
No one could put him, easiliy to his bed

People they told, the crown yours is not
For brothers older, plenty of them you've got
To which he replied, "brothers of mine are none
Look how many women my father has, is his dome"

The day did come, for the dream had to end
All brothers were massacared, and buried in the sand
As soon as the crown ,landed on his head
Messages were sent, to all the kings, who bordered his land

His proposal was accepted, by all the kings
Except one, who choose to face it, down in the rings
The battle ensued, bodies were left gore
In numbers, never seen before

The cousel were scared, new men were drilled
For the king just wanted, all his vacancies to be filled
The king he said, "the people are to blame
For they will remember, only the winner and his name"


He came into the city, riding a colt
People came to worship him, they were struck by a bolt
They had heard of him, the messiah from nazareth
Wondered when he would visit them, with a bated breath

The city was decorated, they welcomed him with palms
They were curious, waited to listen to his psalms
He spoke in a voice, that seemed to resound
Not just off the mountains, also the skin, in which the bodies were bound

You rule with power, here comes a ruler of hearts
Beware the cousel told, he can cover your poster anytime with darts
The city is starting to sing, along his tunes
If you don't act, you'll find yourself in the ruins

Tell you what! Why don't we put him, on the cross
Now is early and I'm sure, you wont suffer any loss
I checked him out, now there is no one, to save him from doom
His followers are going up, like a rocket headed for the moon


He was a son, born to a king
Opened his eyes, and found himself in a ring
Felt little uncomfortable, and send a slight zing
People just wondered, what happened to this thing

He grew up, surrounded by the walls
Never ever wondered, how to give them calls
What was outside, he had never ever seen
His demands were met by servents, all who were very keen

The father he thought, I'll keep him pure
Away from sorrow, that plague all for sure
Never he ventured, out on the street
Until one day, when his fate came to meet

The day it came, the chariot he climbed
The gates they opened, the wind just mimed
He covered his eyes, for the day was very bright
Soon he was to see, the nature show its might

He saw a man, who seemed very old
His back was bent, and the day was cold
He walked very slowly, with a stick in his hand
While the wind just blew, and played with the sand

The prince was frightened, at the sight he saw
How could a man turn into that, thing with a bow
The sorrow it approached, and engulfed the prince
That night in bed, all he did was wince

The next morning it came, unaware of his distress
The chariot he climbed, with a mind in press
"Take me out", were the words he spelled
Soon he was on the street, and his eyes were swelled

He saw another man, lying besides the street
He was very thin and coughed with a spit
Asked the prince, "what's wrong with him?"
"He's sick", told the guide with a face that was grim

The chariot it moved, forward a little
His eyes were fixed, didn't move a needle
Thoughts of the night, came crashing down his skull
Engulfed the sorrow, that seemed so full

Next morning it came, his mind was hazy
Wished to god, please turn me crazy
Put on his clothes, prepared for the street
With a mind, that found difficult to retreat

He saw a man, lying so still
Carried on the shoulders, there eyes were filled
Lowered on the funeral, pyre they had made
Flames they consumed, farewell he bade


I remember the time, when I was younger
Went to a village, next to the dunes
Sand was small, finely it was grained
Its millions grains, had them drained

The sand was all, over the street
Slowly it crawled, into the inside
Shade of roof, would keep it cool
People they wondered, where's the pool

The rains I knew would follow soon, as it was the month of july
The birds knew what was coming and would perch, on top of trees
They would sing the thunder would ring, and drops would start to form
At some time the drops would fall, and the rhythm would silence us all
The joy would swell deep inside, for the monsoon had just made its call

This is how the life went on, untill the progress hit the town
Then came electricity and the fan, people would prefer to be inside
The walls that separted the people would start to grow, taller and taller with time
And soon the town it changed, while we played and watched there games