Rain god

A man was born some time in the past, long forgotten. He had a problem, right from the day of his birth. Wherever he went, rain would pour over his head all the time , 24 hrs of the day. He grew up like this, hearing from friends and relatives stories of the sun shinning over them and all around. How wonderful was it to have the sunlight fall over your skin and the warmth the body felt under it. Wherever he went people welcomed him a lot. In dry places more then in the wetter places. Though nobody wanted too much of him all around the year. Like this he lived for a long time. One day he committed suicide thinking what he will never have!

Luckily he got a slot in the heaven after his death. He felt very pleased as rain would bother him no more. One day the God called him and asked "Why did you commit suicide?"

He explained to God his wretched existence and all about the rains following him everywhere. To which the God replied "Didn't you know I made you the rain God?"

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