Bowlers Era

Being a bowler in cricket myself. It's saddening to see them, reduced to nothing in the game of cricket. Now with high scoring matches becoming a common practice in the game. Bowlers are reduced to mere puppets, manipulated by the batsmen. I think It's time that bowlers applied there mind to the game, apart from just the strength. There are a few things they can try -

1) To bring more variation in the bowling. Now the big question is how? Now apart from the standard variation we already have, there is one more that the bowlers can start working on. Which I mastered to some extent with great success in my playing days. That is mastering 3-4 different bowling actions! Any bowler who has played a lot of cricket, I know will surely agree with me. If I tell him, that different actions aid different types of swing bowling. If you want to bowl in-swingers, a chest on action is very good. Side on action is good for out-swingers. So if a bowler can master these 2 basic action, he can easily double his variation.

2) The other advantage that can come out of this strategy is, it can be good for the muscles. Now both these actions use different muscles of the shoulder. So it would be a good distribution of the load on more muscles instead of using a few all the time. Leading to lesser injuries and more playing time.

Common my favorites, its time to be more creative!!

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