Idea for a film or novel(or maybe!!!)

I wonder how long its been that we are living the same day duration!!!!

What I mean is that, one day has always been 24hrs duration since the beginning of this planet. Imagine if we could alter that somehow!! I mean tieing a lot of propellants around the equator and firing them in syncronised fashion to change the speed of the rotation of this earth. Lets say we could increase the rotation speed by a little so that the day becomes of 18 hours!!!

What would be the impact! I can give few clues

1. We would work for 6 hours a day and get paid the same!

2. The life of a human being would increase to over 100 years or more for almost everyone. Our children would be thanking us forever for there increased life expectancy and low working hours!! Assuming a year is 365 days.

3. The Global Worming could be solved by this. Since now the day would be 9 hours long instead of 12. So it would lead to less exposure to sun or night in one time. Which would lead to moderation of the temprature. So the cold places would be less colder and the hot places less hotter!! WOW!!

4. If ths project is carried out without the knowledge of the mankind. People will see it as an act of GOD. And the faith will return in god. Leading to a happier planet!!WOW!!

5. We would find ourself to be lighter in weight. So we would be able to run faster and jump higher. Maybe in future grow taller!!

6. Mankind as well as all other species would be required to go through a long adaptation phase. We can ask for adaptation leave!! WOW!!

7. It would generate enormous amount of employment in the world. All the computers, watches, electronics, softwares, automated machines and god knows what, would require to be remade.

8. What will happen to rains!! Don't know!!

9. What will happen to the wind!! If action is equal to reaction it would be a big mess!!


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Anonymous said...

dude...thats an original idea...i will tell superman the next time i meet him.