Where are my roots?

Had a nice weekend. Spent some good quality time. Sitting on the sofa, on terrace, playing with my son, taking walks with my wife and thinking about the week to come. This week is my last at my current workplace. Another job change!!

These jobs I wonder sometimes!! Is there one where I can fit!! I find it so difficult to stick to one place for more then 9 months. In last 3 years I have changed 7 jobs!! Incredible isn't it!! Or to give a bigger picture, in last 8 years, I have changed 12 jobs!! And the urge to change keeps on increasing and the duration of stay at one place keeps reducing.

Maybe its related to my past. The motion I picked beacuse of constant movement. If I think in the past and try to recall. One things that strikes out above all is, that I never stayed in one place for more then 4 years. 4 years is my limit!! That means being 31 years now I have lived in 15 different houses since my birth. Which is quite high by any standards. No one can live in so many places. After a few changes one starts living in the mind!! Which seems to be my case.

This urge to encounter new people new surroundings is what keeps me going on. This constant search for change is my path. I sometimes wonder at the trees, the big ones. That grows 50 meters or more. How can they grow so big? And the secret is not above but in the ground! Its the roots. Its the web of deep roots sprawled all around underneath. And then I try to fumble through my roots. I find none! What happended to my roots, which piece of land has it? Not surprized I am. Beacuse I know. They were never allowed to grow.

So rootless as I am, I take to the wing! Flying is my destiny!!

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