Bringing it all together

Question - A family has two children and these two children move away 10kms from the family and start there own family and there children are again 2 and do the same and the cycle is continued. In how much time will they have covered this planet? In how much time will there population be same as the human population of today?

How much kilometers should the children move away, so that the years it take to cover and the years it takes to reach the current population match?

Answer - Anyone!!??


PT said...

the question is whats the time it takes to produce a family from a child ...that is the missing parameter to determine the there are child bearing girls as young as 14 in Africa and Asia and on the other hands there are woman who wait just before pre-meno cycle to catch the last bus..oops child.

Guru-tech said...

Well then we have to go country by country.

Lets take one family from all the countries in the world and do the calculation.

Whichever coutry closest to the actual numbers now, maybe is the one that started it all?