Quite an amazing story....

Yesterday I came across a very maddening and interesting story at the same time. Its about how to get taller. About what some people will do to get taller.

This is how it works.

Both the bones of the legs are cut and moved away from each other. So a gap is created between the bones as shown in the diagram above. Now the bones are held in this position for 6-7 months. During this time the bones fill the gap in between with the growth of fresh bones. Like what happens in fracture. So in the end you have a longer leg bone!! Hence taller!!

What it takes?

It takes absolute maddness to undergo something like this. For the first 6-7 months the person is bedridden. In the next stage which can last another 6 months. Is when the person starts walking with support. In the third stage the person walks slowly but without support. This lasts for 1 year.

So in the end it takes about 2 years before the person is completely recuperated and gets back to his normal walking routine. The result he/she's 3-5 inches taller then before!!

For now, this happens only in China!!


PT said...

But think of the optimal leg/hand/head/tummy ratio...would that be disrupted... So its like a circus artist who can be the tallest of us all....and also it will be difficult to bend (a necessary greeting if you are from the redland...also metaphorically speaking in front of red authority.. )

Guru-tech said...

Crazy circus is in creation!! Lets watch!!