Wonder, why July and August have 31 days??

Julius(Italian,Julio-Spanish) was a great king. Everyone was very happy with his reign. The roman church decided to honour the king. So the month of July was named after him and Julius felt very happy!!

Years passed. Came another great king Augustus(Italian,Agosto-Spanish). Again the people felt very happy with his reign. The roman church again decided to honour the great king. So they decided to name the month of August after him!! Augustus left very happy.

Few days later Augustus came back to the Roman church very unhappy!! He complained that to Julio you have given 31 days. Whereas I have only 30 days!! Howcome?? Was he greater then me??

After long days and hours of pleading Agosto could not be budged!! He couldn't be convinced for october or some other month. He wanted that month next to July!!So the Roman church decided to give him 31 days!!

Poor Feburary, whoever he was named after was dead long ago. He could not come to protect his right. So a day was taken from Feburary and given to Augustus!!

And rightfully the practice was stopped by Roman Church after these encounters with the kings!!

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