I remember the time, when I was younger
Went to a village, next to the dunes
Sand was small, finely it was grained
Its millions grains, had them drained

The sand was all, over the street
Slowly it crawled, into the inside
Shade of roof, would keep it cool
People they wondered, where's the pool

The rains I knew would follow soon, as it was the month of july
The birds knew what was coming and would perch, on top of trees
They would sing the thunder would ring, and drops would start to form
At some time the drops would fall, and the rhythm would silence us all
The joy would swell deep inside, for the monsoon had just made its call

This is how the life went on, untill the progress hit the town
Then came electricity and the fan, people would prefer to be inside
The walls that separted the people would start to grow, taller and taller with time
And soon the town it changed, while we played and watched there games

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