The city was built, on the banks of the river
Whose sides would burst, at the end of the summer
Few hundred meters it was wide, with a current so slow
Served the city and its inhabitants, and the water had a glow

One of its kings one night, had a dream pretty strange
He saw his dick was the longest, on the land in his range
He summoned all the architects, on that morning of the fall
Asked them to build him a tower, which would stand so tall
That his knees should give in, when he climbed it, starting from his hall

Another of its king, thought that its time to build
A palace so unique, which would make the rest of the city look bleak
He ordered his men, "find me stones that are red"
So that when the sun would set, fire it would reflect"

Now the city is crowded, and the chaos there reigns
There is dirt on the streets, and the dust in the eyes
The dogs they patrol, the city streets from dusk till dawn
There territories are marked, with the piss and the scorn

Raju he lives, in one of those chawls
Every night where he witnesses, neighbors in there brawls
One night he returns, drenched in alcohol and blood
Shouts at the peak of his voice "Enough, of this mess!"

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