He was the son, born to a king
Never he learnt, cause he just couldn't sing
All he ever saw, was the crown on his father's head
No one could put him, easiliy to his bed

People they told, the crown yours is not
For brothers older, plenty of them you've got
To which he replied, "brothers of mine are none
Look how many women my father has, is his dome"

The day did come, for the dream had to end
All brothers were massacared, and buried in the sand
As soon as the crown ,landed on his head
Messages were sent, to all the kings, who bordered his land

His proposal was accepted, by all the kings
Except one, who choose to face it, down in the rings
The battle ensued, bodies were left gore
In numbers, never seen before

The cousel were scared, new men were drilled
For the king just wanted, all his vacancies to be filled
The king he said, "the people are to blame
For they will remember, only the winner and his name"

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