He was a son, born to a king
Opened his eyes, and found himself in a ring
Felt little uncomfortable, and send a slight zing
People just wondered, what happened to this thing

He grew up, surrounded by the walls
Never ever wondered, how to give them calls
What was outside, he had never ever seen
His demands were met by servents, all who were very keen

The father he thought, I'll keep him pure
Away from sorrow, that plague all for sure
Never he ventured, out on the street
Until one day, when his fate came to meet

The day it came, the chariot he climbed
The gates they opened, the wind just mimed
He covered his eyes, for the day was very bright
Soon he was to see, the nature show its might

He saw a man, who seemed very old
His back was bent, and the day was cold
He walked very slowly, with a stick in his hand
While the wind just blew, and played with the sand

The prince was frightened, at the sight he saw
How could a man turn into that, thing with a bow
The sorrow it approached, and engulfed the prince
That night in bed, all he did was wince

The next morning it came, unaware of his distress
The chariot he climbed, with a mind in press
"Take me out", were the words he spelled
Soon he was on the street, and his eyes were swelled

He saw another man, lying besides the street
He was very thin and coughed with a spit
Asked the prince, "what's wrong with him?"
"He's sick", told the guide with a face that was grim

The chariot it moved, forward a little
His eyes were fixed, didn't move a needle
Thoughts of the night, came crashing down his skull
Engulfed the sorrow, that seemed so full

Next morning it came, his mind was hazy
Wished to god, please turn me crazy
Put on his clothes, prepared for the street
With a mind, that found difficult to retreat

He saw a man, lying so still
Carried on the shoulders, there eyes were filled
Lowered on the funeral, pyre they had made
Flames they consumed, farewell he bade

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Anonymous said...

This poem conveys the humility and tenderness of the good hearts. Anyone's. Congratulations.