He came into the city, riding a colt
People came to worship him, they were struck by a bolt
They had heard of him, the messiah from nazareth
Wondered when he would visit them, with a bated breath

The city was decorated, they welcomed him with palms
They were curious, waited to listen to his psalms
He spoke in a voice, that seemed to resound
Not just off the mountains, also the skin, in which the bodies were bound

You rule with power, here comes a ruler of hearts
Beware the cousel told, he can cover your poster anytime with darts
The city is starting to sing, along his tunes
If you don't act, you'll find yourself in the ruins

Tell you what! Why don't we put him, on the cross
Now is early and I'm sure, you wont suffer any loss
I checked him out, now there is no one, to save him from doom
His followers are going up, like a rocket headed for the moon

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